Neck Pain

Neck Pain

Neck Pain

Dealing With Headaches and Migraines

Just like turning on a light switch allows electricity to flow and illuminate a bulb, there is a delicate area in your neck that allows healing messages and other signals to move from the brain, through the neck and spinal cord, and out to the rest of the body.

I want you to discover this amazing system.

​​​​​​​"In my apartment, I met a woman who also attended my church. She had constant headaches that would pound with such intensity that she would crawl into a corner and tighten into a ball until the pain went away. Medical doctors prescribed Tylenol with codeine and one physician doubted her symptoms. He told her it was probably a psychological condition and that her pain was imaginary. She was discouraged by the lack of help and support from the medical community, but she was willing to try anything. Another doctor told her to exercise, so she took up running on a regular basis. Her aunt had a homemade remedy that called for boiling an egg and then rolling it on the back of her neck. There was temporary relief, but then the pain returned with a vengeance. The energy it took to endure the discomfort sapped her strength and robbed any enjoyment of life.

She turned to prayer and cried out for a solution and that’s when I learned about her condition.

I adjusted her using the Upper Cervical techniques I had encountered.

After a series of gentle adjustments focusing on the area of the neck where the brainstem is located, the pain went away.

She was my first patient and I’m proud to say that she also became my wife. She wasn’t the only one in her family who was in daily pain."

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