Meet Dr. Truong

Meet Dr. Truong

Meet Dr. Truong

Chiropractor Johnny Truong D.C.

Johnny Truong D.C.

My clear purpose and goal for my patients are for them to adopt the upper cervical chiropractic lifestyle and to enjoy the benefits of being well and happy. I have been a Los Angeles upper cervical chiropractor exclusively for almost 17 years. Over those years, I have delivered over 270,000 individual chiropractic adjustments. I’ve taken the pledge: “To the best of my ability, I agree to provide my patients with convenient, affordable, and mainstream Chiropractic care. I will not use unnecessary long-term treatment plans and/or therapies.”

Professional Affiliations:

  • Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic Society member

  • Advanced Technique Instructor for the Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic Method

  • Masters Circle Member

  • Founder of BNP business networking group

  • President of Hollywood and Vine Chapter of Toastmasters

  • Blair Chiropractor of the Year 2010 (National Merit)

Why did Dr. Truong become an Upper Cervical Chiropractor?

Health issues were important to him from early on when at age 18, he saw firsthand how psychotropic drugs damaged someone close to him.

“My best friend was in a car accident, had seizures, and the drugs that the neurologist prescribed changed her personality and made her a sullen, withdrawn person.”

So he went on to study chiropractic care and focused on nerve interference at the brain-stem level, the focus of Upper Cervical.

“I was one of the first Upper Cervical chiropractors in Los Angeles. The need for this care was great.”

Patients will find that Dr. Truong uses a gentle approach.

“There is no harsh twisting or popping of the neck. I use 3D X-rays to study a patient’s misalignment and then adjust them according to their unique contours.”

An Upper Cervical chiropractic adjustment benefits men, women, athletes, and even children who rely on over-the-counter or prescription drugs for pain relief. This adjustment has numerous additional benefits.

“Patients tell me that they sleep better, digest food more easily, and think more clearly. This is a science-based approach that removes nerve interference at the brain-stem level and optimizes the connection between the brain and the body.”

Message from our Office Manager, Alvin Lopez:

“My goal for all patients that come to this office is to have an enjoyable experience and leave with a smile on their faces.”

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