Here's a Plan to Achieve Optimal Health in Los Angeles

HealthYou can be in optimal health if you follow some key principles and experience the proven benefits of an Upper Cervical chiropractic adjustment in Los Angeles. You don't need to spend lots of money on the latest supplements or guess the latest health trends.

Read on to learn what you can do to have the best health possible.

Maintaining Your Best Health in Los Angeles

Get Aligned and Stay Aligned

In the area where your neck and shoulders meet is an area called the brainstem. Few health practitioners even talk about it and while you see new diet books published every year, you're going to see few books that deal with this critical area of the body.

I wrote one that's available for free on my website called Pain Relief the Natural Way: Healing with Upper Cervical Chiropractic or you can download it from Amazon for Kindle.

Your breathing, blood pressure, and digestive system are controlled through the brainstem as well as the nerves that impact areas like your wrists and lower back.

Misalignment at the brainstem level is common and is a major source of headaches and inflamed joints at all ages.

Eat for Energy

If you put water in your gas tank, what's going to happen to the engine? It certainly won't run. The food you put in your body can mess up your system just like putting in the wrong fuel damages your car.

Once you clear the nerve interference at the brainstem, if you ate mostly vegetables, fruits and lean proteins then you'd begin operating at a high level.

Change out chips for grapes, marinate carrots with peppercini juice to make them tangy or if you're driving around town and get hungry, make sure you keep a small cooler of cut up veggies. Eat those instead of stopping at a fast food restaurant for a quick burger or chicken sandwich.

And stay hydrated by drinking water. Flavor it with lemon or cucumber on occasion to add flavor.

Fight Chronic Inflammation

As your waistline begins expanding, so does the amount of chronic inflammation. Sugars and fatty foods are leading causes of chronic inflammation that result in complications like diabetes and heart disease. Moderate exercise, reducing alcohol intake, and switching up what you eat are easy changes to make immediately.

Sleep Well

People are different in the amount of sleep that's needed. However, getting seven to eight hours of rest is a good rule to follow. And in this electronic age when everyone is on around the clock, try shutting off the smart phone and letting the laptop rest about a half hour or an hour before you go to bed.

Don't sleep with the phone on your nightstand. Put it in a different room. A cell phone next to your head while you sleep can interrupt self-regulating processes. They may be subtle, but they're impactful.

Save Money

You can see that aiming for optimal health isn't expensive and any one can do it.

Do you need shoes? Big Five usually has sales throughout the year and you can get a good pair of running or walking shoes for around $50 to $60. They'll last about a year if you're running or walking a few miles a day.

Check produce prices versus candy and potato chip prices. Fresh vegetables are a lot less. Around Los Angeles, Burbank, and Pasadena, Sprouts stores have regular sales on grapes and even the 99 Cents Only stores carry produce.

I've seen patients who make these changes spend less on over-the-counter medications and prescription drugs.

Do a Self-Check

What are your needs? Here are previous blog posts on how an Upper Cervical adjustment can help with various ailments:

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