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Plan to be Your Healthiest Self in Los Angeles

Plan to be Your Healthiest Self in Los Angeles


Here's a way to self-evaluate your current needs and develop a simple plan to make 2019 as healthy a year as possible.

Start at the Source with An Upper Cervical Adjustment in Los Angeles

This chiropractic technique is gentle and accomplishes key results. It occurs at the brainstem, an area where your neck and shoulders meet.

What an adjustment does

Aligns the C1, atlas, and the C2, axis, so that the vertebrae are not pinching the nerves in the brainstem. This allows the brain to send its signals along the nerve fibers and throughout the body.

How an adjustment helps

A system of nerves impacts your breathing, digestion, and areas like your wrists and other joints.

Headaches: click here to read about finding migraine relief with Upper Cervical chiropractic help. Most headaches are cerviogenic headaches and the cause is often distress with the upper cervical spine.

Joints: Upper cervical care is a natural solution to relieve aching joints for children, young adults, and seniors as noted in this write-up Find Lasting Relief for Aching Joints at Any Age in Los Angeles.

Check yourself

Stand in front of a mirror or have a friend look to see if your shoulders are in a straight line. If one shoulder dips lower than another, then you could likely use an adjustment.

How I check you

In my office, I provide safe 3D X-rays to determine the exact point of misalignment. The adjustments I give are precise.

Aim for Moderate Exercise

It's good to come up with exercise goals and know the reason behind working out. Personal goals are going to vary but know that you don't have to push, push, push all the time to stay healthy.

The Mayo Clinic's standard is about 30 minutes of "moderate physical activity every day."

If you're stiff in the neck and shoulders or hips and knees, then an Upper Cerical adjustment can help you achieve a range of motion that makes exercising comfortable.

Here's a tip for late Dec 2018 to early January 2019 - vary your workouts by ice skating outdoors for the next one to two weeks.

Outdoor rinks around Los Angeles that go into the New Year include:

Do a Self-Check

Are you exercising less than 30 minutes a day?

Small amounts of activity do add up.

Are you ever in pain from working out? Then let's see if you need an adjustment.

Do you park as close as you can to your office or a store? Park farther away and get in more steps.

Eating Well

Eating the right food is just as important for your body's health as the proper fuel is for your car.

Greasy foods and those high in fat can lead to chronic inflammation as noted in this blog post, Eat Wisely for Your Health and Well Being in Los Angeles.

Eating plenty of fresh vegetables, limited servings of fruit, and lean protein can help combat weight gain and decrease weight around the mid-section, an important area for men to keep lean.

This post is a quick guide to buying fresh vegetables around Los Angeles.

Do a Self Check

  • Do you eat doughnuts, cookies or cakes at the office?
  • Do you skip on vegetables?
  • Are you hungry in the evening? If so, carry a bag of cut up veggies in your car if you're out for an evening meeting or fun.

Drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated helps your body function at a maximum level.

Check your range of motion, evaluate how often you exercise and what you eat to guide you in being as fit as possible. Remember to start with an Upper Cervical adjustment in Los Angeles to keep your brainstem free from nerve interference.

Learn more with my free ebook Pain Relief the Natural Way: Healing with Upper Cervical Chiropractic.

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