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Fight Illness with an Upper Cervical Chiropractic Adjustment in Los Angeles

Fight Illness with an Upper Cervical Chiropractic Adjustment in Los Angeles

Flu in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the worst cities for allergy sufferers, according to CBS News. The City of Angels ranked 11 out of 12 in the United States in a survey. But here's good news. An Upper Cervical adjustment in Los Angeles can help if you battle plant-based allergies or you're affected by occasional poor air quality.

Your body is designed to fight ailments and illnesses, but there are key reasons why your immune system becomes compromised whether you live along the beach in Santa Monica or in an industrial area like Irwindale. Read on to see why.

Know Your Immune System

Southern California's dry, warm climate plus prevalence of irritants in the air and a large variety of flourishing plants creates conditions that are right for allergies. Sinuses become inflamed and asthma is widespread among children and adults.

Your immune system has many layers and is kept busy fighting off various conditions.

Not all of our protective elements are deep within your body. Look in your mouth. See your gums? They're designed to hold your teeth in place and the protective layer fights against bacteria. Your saliva helps as well since it washes away plaque and food particles from tooth enamel and from in-between teeth.


Your gums are an example of the innate immune system, the physical barriers that include your skin, chemicals in the blood, immune system cells, and the cilia that clean the fluid from your lungs. These fight invasive bacteria.


Here's a second layer of protection that kicks in if needed. If the pathogen continues on its course, then the adaptive immune system creates an army of immune cells to fight the invader. The adaptive system can "remember" the composition of the original invader to fight against it in the future.

Your defense against illness can falter if your nervous system is compromised.

3 Reasons that Upper Cervical Chiropractic in Los Angeles Promotes Wellness

In just the past few years, researchers have learned new details that show a closer relationship between the brain and immune systems than previously thought. University of Virginia neuroscientist Jonathan Kipnis revealed that "the brain is directly connected to the immune system by vessels previously thought not to exist."

In this article from the University of Virginia, Rewrite the Textbooks, Kipnis says the findings "will fundamentally change the way people look at the central nervous system's relationship with the immune system."

Here are a few reasons why an Upper Cervical adjustment at Truong Upper Cervical Chiropractic Corporation in Los Angeles can benefit your fight against illness.

1) Removes nerve interference

The top two vertebrae, the C1 and C2, gradually become misaligned in our everyday lives and can pinch on nerves at the brainstem level. This is the area that relays signals from the brain to the rest of the body and impacts many of our functions including breathing and digestion.

Keeping this area free from nerve interference allows the brain's healing signals to flow.

2) Our nervous system connects with the immune system organs

The autonomic nervous system directly connects into the lymphoid organs such as the spleen, thymus, lymph nodes, and bone marrow. These help produce the body's immune response. As an Upper Cervical Chiropractor, of course I work to align the C1 and C2 vertebrae. But I'll also check around a patient's stomach to see the health of their organs.

3) Frees up potential of healthy foods, supplements

Patients who see me may faithfully take supplements. But if our nervous system is impaired and the brain can't communicate well with the rest of the body then supplements like vitamin C and B vitamins will have a reduced impact.

Think of a delivery truck on a mountain road that's taking a package to a customer. The driver rounds a curve and see a rockslide blocking a lane. The truck has to wait for traffic to clear before going around the blockage.

If you're susceptible to illnesses and ailments like allergies and migraines, then come see me and discuss your situation. In my 17 years of practice I have done hundreds of thousands of Upper Cervical adjustments. Call Truong Upper Cervical Chiropractic Corporation in Los Angeles at 213-385-3858.

In the meantime, download my free book Pain Relief the Natural Way: Healing through Upper Cervical Chiropractic.


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