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A Natural Solution to Ease Headaches in Los Angeles

A Natural Solution to Ease Headaches
in Los Angeles

Finding headache treatments that work in Los Angeles and around So Cal is no easy task. Headaches are so common that AccuWeather has a migraine tracker in its weather forecast.

I’m a chiropractor on Wilshire Boulevard in LA’s Koreatown who has treated many patients suffering from debilitating pain. My specific discipline focuses on easing pressure on the brain stem, known as Upper Cervical chiropractic. I introduce it in this YouTube video that I recorded a few years ago, but the message remains relevant.

Read on to see why an Upper Cervical chiropractor, such as Truong Upper Cervical Chiropractic Corporation has success treating headaches naturally while pain relievers like aspirin, Motrin, and Tylenol don’t deliver lasting benefits.

Headache Triggers in Los Angeles

Athletes collide head-on in sports like soccer, basketball and football. It’s not surprising that headaches develop from contact sports. That’s why more stringent concussion protocols are a welcome development.

But the playing field isn’t the only place where headaches flare up and treatment is needed. Both the office and home are battlegrounds with stale air and poor lighting.

Research from the Mayo Clinic and this Department of Neurology overview notes there are four major types of headaches: vascular, muscle contraction (tension), traction, and inflammatory.

What happens when a headache gets so bad that it consumes you? Sadly, the traditional medical community isn’t always helpful. Here’s a woman’s story in an article on the website of the National Pain Report titled, Chronically Struggling: Do I Go to the ER?

It details the experience of author Liza Zoellick who was in so much pain that she was lying in bed crying, debating whether or not to go to the emergency room for treatment. Concerns centered around her insurance deductibles and how the medical staff would treat her.

She wrote, “[T]hey are going to look at you, smirk and conclude you are druggy.

“Why? Because it’s happened before. Yes, boys and girls…this is the naked truth to chronic pain/illness. Where you go to the ER to be pain shamed and made to feel like instead of being at the ER you are on the street corner trying to get some crack cocaine.”

My wife had a similar experience. She was nine years old and riding in a car when the vehicle slammed into a boulder. During her teen years and into adulthood her headaches were so awful that she would curl up in a ball and some medical doctors implied that she needed psychiatric care.

She found help when she met me. I was studying Upper Cervical care in Los Angeles and after a series of treatments she finally had relief.

The Upper Cervical Solution

Why does Upper Cervical Chiropractic care work?

Look at the brain stem, a region that is extremely sensitive to pressure. Most headaches in Los Angeles are known as cervicogenic headaches. The American Migraine Foundation notes that this type of headache is a “secondary headache” and “the cause is a disorder of the cervical spine and its component bony, disc and/or soft tissue elements.”

The top three bones that make up this structure are the C1, C2, C3. Misalignment to these bones can happen from sleeping with a pillow that strains the neck or leaning forward and staring at a computer screen for hours.

The brain stem is the conduit that sends messages and information about the body and goes into the brain for interpretation. But when those signals are blocked, then inflammation occurs and the brain amplifies the perception of pain.

My work opens the blockage so healing signals flow easily and calms down the inflammation.

I’m always open to discussing the problems that you’re having so stop in for a free consultation at Truong Upper Cervical Chiropractic Corporation. Call 213-385-3858. And take an online tour of my office.


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