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7 Ways to Stay Active around LA without Exercising

7 Ways to Stay Active around LA without Exercising

Staying Active in LA

So you don't like the idea of exercising, but you know burning up some calories is a good idea. What to do? You've got a number of great options around Los Angeles. Before you take a look, please make sure that you're in alignment with an Upper Cervical adjustment in Los Angeles. I'll share in more detail toward the end of this post, but make sure there is no nerve interference at the brainstem level. That way, we can improve the conditions of your knees and hips.

Hit the Hot Spots

Go walking through the fun and popular areas of LA like LA Live in downtown, the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica, Universal City Walk, Old Town Pasadena, or downtown Claremont. Take a friend or make it a family outing. Agree to walk vigorously through the area and then stop for a bite to eat or something to drink.


Take a dance class to get active. A type of swing dance, salsa, or ballroom dance is great for beginners and veterans alike can get the heart rate up and have a lot of fun. There are plenty of places to take dance classes in Southern California. Check a website like this one,

Clean the House

Sweep the driveway, vigorously, move the furniture and sweep under it. Keep the activity constant for several minutes at a time.

Garden, Fix Up the Outside

Pull weeds, haul dirt in a wheel barrow, scrape old paint are things you can do that can strengthen your muscles and burn up calories.

Play on a Playground

Take the kids or grandkids and chase them up and down slides, around swings, and behind trees. Play hide and seek - and keep playing it.

Take the Stairs

Forget the elevator and go up the stairs a few flights. Park farther away from your destination to get in extra steps.

Remember Nutrition

Now don't forget that nutrition is extremely important. You can hit the gym hard, four or five times a week, and not be "in shape" if you're chewing up a lot of empty calories. That means if you're eating well you can make moderate exercise a part of your lifestyle to stay in shape as I note in this post on eating wisely and eating well.

Now, about the brainstem. If you have sore knees or hips, pain in your shoulder or in your elbow, then you could have nerve interference. The brainstem is a control center that handles healing signals coming from the brain to the rest of the body. Interference can happen at any age and it can be cleared up at any age as well so that you can enjoy getting out and playing with the kids or grandkids.

Read more on this fascinating part of the body in my free ebook, Pain Relief the Natural Way: Healing through Upper Cervical Chiropractic. Pass it along to a friend or co-worker and help them see this natural and science-based path to optimal health.

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