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4 Tips to Reduce the Risk of Injuries in Sports and Work

4 Tips to Reduce the Risk of Injuries in Sports and Work

If you play hard in a sport in Southern California, then you’re at risk for either injuries through impact or repetitive movements. An office workplace may seem safe but open desk drawers and heavy supplies present their own challenges.

In 2016, Kaiser Permanente reported that workers compensation premiums have increased 41% since 2009 due to the high cost of workplace injuries that include litigation rates and the cost of delivery.

The care that I provide as an Upper Cervical chiropractor helps athletes maintain their health and allows workers in offices and on the streets to stay on the job.

We can’t eliminate the risk of injury but here are tips for reducing the risk of injuries while playing sports and working.

1. Get an Upper Cervical Adjustment

Let’s start here. I’m an Upper Cervical Chiropractor serving patients around greater Los Angeles for a reason. Removing interference at the brainstem level is the first step in living a healthy lifestyle and allowing the body to naturally heal.

Your range of motion is important whether you’re a competitive or recreational athlete. When you can swing a golf club or baseball bat freely, jog or sprint without pain, kick a soccer ball or toss a football then your body is operating efficiently.

Moving freely in the workplace is a similar, satisfying feeling. If you’re a mid-career professional, don’t just say your aches and pains are a result of getting older.

Align the vertebrae that protect the brainstem and you’ll be able to turn your head without stiffness and better heal from repetitive injuries that result in ailments like carpal tunnel syndrome.

2. Stretch Regularly

Stretch before a game to warm up and after to cool down. But even non-athletes benefit from stretching as part of a lifestyle. Take a couple of minutes after waking to slowly stretch your arms and legs. You’ll improve circulation and aid in your body’s flexibility.

Remember, if you’re aligned then the stretching exercises that you do will have a much greater benefit than if you’re not aligned.

3. Pay Attention to Pain

Don’t be tough and play through pain or ignore symptoms at work. We’re conditioned to take either over-the-counter painkillers or prescriptions and say we’ve solved the problem.

But that’s not the case. Don’t ignore the symptoms. Pay attention to them because they’re clues to your health. But don’t treat the symptoms, either.

Remember, healing signals flow from your brain to your body and move through the brainstem area in your neck. Misalignment here pinches the nerves and increases the pain sensation. An alignment reduces inflammation and the pain that you feel.

4. Eat Well

What you eat and drink impacts how you perform in sports and on the job. Consider your weight. Imagine if you could simply reduce your body fat by a small percentage then the strain on your knees and hips is much less.

Foods that reduce inflammation include:

good oils such as olive oil;
fish like salmon, tuna, and cod;
almonds and walnuts;
fruits like apples and blueberries as noted in this article 12 Foods that Reduce Inflammation on

Staying healthy and reducing your risk of injury takes awareness and commitment. I’ll be glad to discuss your specific symptoms. Find out if an Upper Cervical adjustment will benefit you and others on your team or at your work.

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